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This is kind of a crazy story about someone lost in darkness who becomes possessed by the very thing that he is battling. And I dont know if I am correct in assuming this, but I believe the goat sound is an obvious reference to general evil and darkness, the Goat is one of many creatures used in allegories to describe evils.

The animation in this isnt bad at all. I feel that the lighting effects maybe could have been a little better. The light doesnt effect the environment and you should see it reflecting off of the walls since it is a cave. But I dont animate, so who am I to tell you how to do it, lol.

Good work on this though. 4/5

HMarioProductionsH responds:

your comment is very well drawn and detailed, I appreciate the effort you made to review my video, it took several details in this animation but thanks to comments like this can percatarme and improve the animation next, cheer is very entertaining, I would recommend it you tried :)


This was a good battle, probably the best ive heard in this comp up to here. I have yet to hear the rest, so that could change. I would say Teq won, but by a fraction.

Good punches on both sides. Good flows on both sides. It was hard to pick a winner, but I feel that Teq pulled ahead on his second verse by a little.

I just dont know why mjohnson took some personal vendetta shit and blocked me from the facebook page. All because we got in to an argument when I thought he was talking shit on me, which he eventually did, but at first it was a clear misunderstanding... Im not sure about that now though... I wish that you could just get over that shit and not mix personal shit with your music shit. it just seems a bit... I dont know... Unprofessional?

Great battle :D

RRStudios responds:

Actually, you took your personal vendetta against me and came onto the page sarcastically downing the tournament by saying "so many drop outs.." when there were about 4, which is the average for these kinds of tournaments, and you know that, but still ignorantly took your personal vendetta to down what these guys are doing and what we're doing. That's why you were blocked from the page. That's about as professional as it gets.

As far as going into personal with more of your lies---You say a "clear misunderstanding" when if that were the case, you would not have blocked me/unadded me and kept it that way. You said eventually I started talking shit to you, yes I did after you threw the first attacks. As far mixing personal shit with your music, that's exactly what I intend to do with MY music. Keeping music business and professional only, is what has killed mainstream Hip-Hop, and will continue to with fake rappers claiming to be underground like you, come around and say its all business, when it isn't. Its art. Get that through your head, and hopefully we can discuss the situation further through messaging.

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Damn man...
Serene. Tranquil. Easygoing. When in repose, from the instrumental, I was completely at ease and relaxed, when just before I was tense and not very happy, due to the lockdown in my state, lol.

I live in the Country/Surburbia and driving past the open fields, farms, and jamming this was very relaxing as well as thought provoking. It was something that made it easy to reflect upon ones self. I dont know if that was the intended vibe or energy you were going for, but its for sure what Im getting here.

I just really wish it was longer, only downside, lol.
Dope instrumental man. 4.5/5 :D

B-RadGfromOV responds:

Thanks a bunch! I feel like I'm in a creative slump so it's good to hear you enjoyed it. Love these kind of reviews. And yeah one of my sins is tracks being short, I run out of steam. So I just put them out before I ruin them or they get stuck in limbo.

Thanks again and take it easy dog

I got lost while listening to this.

It hit me like a lullaby, for real. It wasnt until that bass kicked in at 2:17 did I remember where I was and what I was doing, lol. Holy shit. lol.

This song is just pure fantasy man.


I always love to hear your new stuff, its always gold. Keep at it brother.
I cant wait for the next one :D


Ive listened to a few of your songs and Ive got to say, this song, so far, is probably my favorite. Its the most cohesive and seems to be the most thought out of all your work, it may just be me, but that is the vibe it gives off.

While listening to this, I imagined being in a video game, similar to like Perfect Dark on the N64, something vintage and oldschool, that kind of feel, you know?
It just made me think of the old games I used to play on the Sega Genesis.

This tune is very hummable too, lol, i know that sounds dumb, but it is true. lol.

This was a nice addition to your album you have listed up above. Good work on this one man.

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