Entry #5

All Instrumentals Can Now Be Downloaded

2016-11-10 06:33:25 by HeIsAlive

For any of you out there looking for some sick old school 90s boom bap styles battle tracks, I have allowed downloads on all my beats, including the new 2nd Set Volume tracks.

Also, on another note. The 2nd Set Volume was put on hold due to life, because life is life.
Im proud to announce the return of the 2nd Set Volume, as production on new instrumentals has begun, as well as touching up some unfinished beats that were meant to be on the 2nd Set Volume.

I hope to see some people battling over my tracks.
I appreciate those that have already done so, keep that shit up!

Also, hopefully, everyone digs the rest of the 2nd Set Volume when the tracks finally drop here on NGs.

Thanks for all of your support!


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